Child Lemon, Butterscotch Baltic Amber Anklet | Coral Gemstone

Child Lemon, Butterscotch Baltic Amber Anklet | Coral Gemstone

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Colour - Lemon, Butterscotch
Standart Lenght – 14cm / 5.5''
Weight - approx. 2-3g.

Stone – Red Coral

This gorgeous handmade amber bracelet / anklet radiates warm light against baby's skin. The amber anklet / bracelet is made from high quality 100% Baltic Amber. Since it is a natural product, you may notice air bubbles and small particles of organic matter inside the amber piece itself. This is completely normal, there no two identical natural amber beads or bracelets / anklets.

The baby should not chew on the bracelet / anklet / necklace, parent supervision is advisable at all times when the child wearing the amber teething necklace.

Amber is not a stone, it is of organic origin, this is why it feels warm when touched. For the same reason it is light and very comfortable to wear every day.

Even though your child can start wearing this teething necklace any time, the earlier the better. If your child starts wearing it at a young age, she/he will get used to it so much that she/he will not even realize it is there and will not touch it or tug it. The beads are too small for a baby/child to choke on. Even if a baby or a young child manages to swallow a bead of the Baby Amber necklace or bracelet, it will do no harm since it is not poisonous. In fact, amber used to be ground to fine dust and swallowed in medical mixtures.

WARNING: These baltic amber necklaces and anklets are not suitable for children under 36 months.

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